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Applet and Servlet Communication

By Chád Darby

Java Developer's Journal, September 1998


Site Map Java servlets provide a new and exciting method of developing server-side solutions. Servlets provide the features of traditional CGI scripts with the added benefits of efficiency and portability. Currently, major corporations are making the migration from CGI scripts to Java servlets. As a result, the demand for applet and servlet communication is on the rise.

This article is the third in a three-part series on Java servlets. In the Feb 98 issue of JDJ, I presented you with a 3-tier database application that used Java servlets. In this article, you will learn how to build a 3-tier database application that allows a Java applet to perform two-way communication with a Java servlet. I will focus on the concepts and techniques of applets communicating with servlets. The article will build on the 3-tier application presented in the previous article. However, if you are a newcomer and missed the previous article, don't worry because I'll give a review of the application.

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Source Code

This zip file contains the complete source code for the client and the servlet.  It also includes a sample database.

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